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Normally I am way too shy to do this, but it occurred to me I could still beat the reveal by a bit, so. Ten of my favourite reads this year listed here. I am terrible at effusiveness but I enjoyed them all. (It's a multi-subject post with images in it also? in case your internet is slow.)
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I've tried to make this guide simple, because I've heard that many of you don't have as much time as you'd like for reading this year. All of this year's fics are covered, though some show up on more than one list.

Simply pick the bolded statement below that best fits you, and I'll hook you up with fic.

(I've also included approximate word counts, because some of you have appreciated that in the past. Fics are sorted by ascending word count under each header.)

If you read, please consider sending feedback! Feedback is lovely at any time, but it's extra fun and special to receive feedback before the reveal while the fics are anonymous. (And you could be eligible for the fabulous top secret MtYG Feedback Heroes gift, too, if you feed all the authors. How awesome would that be?!)

cut for possible minor spoilers )

Have additions for the lists? I'd love to hear your comments. :-)

Enjoy reading!


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