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Name:Make the Yuletide Gay - the popslash Secret Santa
Website:Make the Yuletide Gay
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Discussion group for the popslash Secret Santa fic exchange
This (and the LJ community of the same name) is the place to keep informed about the Popslash Secret Santa fic exchange - Make the Yuletide Gay.

Challenge Schedule

Sign ups open: October 16th (USA, UK, Europe) / October 17st (AUS).
Sign ups close: 11:59 PST October 31th.
Assignments sent out on or before: November 1st (USA, UK, Europe) / November 2nd (AUS).
Stories to be submitted on or before: 11:59pm PST December 20th.
Stories to go live: December 24th (USA, UK, Europe) / December 25th (AUS).
Author reveal: January 6th (USA, UK, Europe) / January 7th (AUS).

Interests (95):

a-rok, aj/brian, aj/chris, aj/howie, aj/jc, aj/joey, aj/justin, aj/kevin, aj/lance, aj/nick, backstreet gsf, bassez, bonekaos, bonetone, bootyboys, brian/chris, brian/howie, brian/jc, brian/joey, brian/justin, brian/kevin, brian/lance, brian/nick, cartrick, cbass, choey, chowie, chris/howie, chris/jc, chris/joey, chris/justin, chris/kevin, chris/lance, chris/nick, christmas, crossover, d-rok, d-train, fanfic, gift exchange, glee, hojo, hoju, howie/jc, howie/joey, howie/justin, howie/kevin, howie/lance, howie/nick, jc/joey, jc/justin, jc/kevin, jc/lance, jc/nick, joec, joey/justin, joey/kevin, joey/lance, joey/nick, jola, joy, juc, juke, juni, justin/kevin, justin/lance, justin/nick, kevin/lance, kevin/nick, kevinick, kfc, lambs, lance/nick, letterboys, lick, make the yuletide gay, mochamint, nickc, nsync gsf, popslash, richtone, secret santa, sparkle under the tree, supersweet, surprise, sweet-n-low, sweetbone, timberrok, timbertone, timbertrick, trickc, trickyfish, trickynick, winter holidays, yuletide
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