Dec. 6th, 2016

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Submissions are now open for Make the Yuletide Gay 2016. You can submit your story by going to the MtYG site and clicking the submissions link on the front page. Please make sure you read the instructions carefully, especially the parts about HTML tags, which are the most common reason for failed submissions.

If you have any trouble submitting, please contact us via Elfmail.

Remember that stories must be submitted by 11:59pm PST December 20th. If you think that you won't be able to make the deadline, please contact the admins as soon as possible.

Good luck, Santas!
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For those of you who are new to SeSas, pinch-hitters are the back-up writers who step in when, for whatever reason, a Santa can't fulfil their assignment. They're the fabulous folks who help us ensure that everyone who takes part in MtYG receives a story.

Unlike regular MtYG authors, pitch-hitting authors will be able to see the request (and pairing) before they commit to writing it.

You don't need to be participating in the current challenge to be a pitch-hit author, but some experience writing popslash is required. You will also need to have some free time around December 18-23, as that's when we anticipate the most need for your help.

If you're already a Santa this year and would also like to volunteer to be a back-up author, please elfmail us to let us know. Please include the pairings you are willing to write (so we can get a rough idea if we've got reasonable coverage).

If you aren't signed up for MtYG this year, but still want to be a pinch-hitter, you can e-mail us at at If you signed up to MtYG in previous years, we can reactivate your old account. If you didn't sign up in 2007-2015, we will need to create an account for you, so please also include the following:

A password that you don't mind the Admins knowing (please do not use your LJ/DW password or other valuable password.)

Thank you!


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